Meet our inspiring, compassionate and authentic team of yoga teachers


Ronnie Coughenour
ERYT 200, Owner of Human Breathing

Ronnie was raised on a farm in the hardscrabble coal mining region near Johnstown, PA. As a child he yearned to be outdoors and gravitated to sports as an outlet for physical and emotional energy. He discovered soccer in high school and soon earned a reputation as a fierce competitor.


Ronnie attended Saint Francis College in Loretto, PA and earned a spot on the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Soccer team. Though that freshman season marked a person highlight, his tough-and-hurtle style of play eventually culminated in a debilitating hip injury which left him in terrible pain, unable to compete, and feeling lost and hopeless. With the help of friends, he turned to theater and mountain biking as creative and physical outlets. He carried on, but the pain stayed with him.

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Ronnie Coughenour (right) and family (2019)


After earning his bachelor’s degree in English, Ronnie moved to Hazleton, PA to write and be close to nature. When the money ran out, he took a corporate job in Malvern, PA where he worked seven years as a software developer. At night he earned a master’s degree in Elementary Education from West Chester University with the plan of moving back to rural PA to teach second grade.


Plans shifted when Ronnie met Judy (aka Coco) in 2001. Judy ushered him to his first yoga class where he underwent a transformative realization. Ronnie explains “I realized I didn’t have to remain trapped in a body that was perpetually breaking down—instead I could do something constructive with the pain I was feeling.”


Ronnie and Judy married a few months later. When their first child was born in 2004, Ronnie launched a new career as a full-time parent and yoga teacher.


 “I realized I didn’t have to remain trapped in a body that was perpetually breaking down—instead I could do something constructive with the pain I was feeling.”

– Ronnie Coughenour


Ronnie earned his 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification from the Spirit of Yoga in Downingtown. Eager to teach, he worked at several studios in Downingtown, Exton and Chester Springs and eventually began teaching classes in his home. He saw these classes grow by word-of-mouth until it was clear a bigger a space was needed. In October of 2009, he opened the Human Breathing Yoga Studio in Morgantown, PA.


After nearly two decades, yoga continues to be a source of delight and solace for Ronnie. He explains, ”Yoga helps me to unwind and relax. Yoga keeps my spirits lifted. I practice yoga because it is a continual source of fun and exploration for me and I can see myself practicing into old age for the same reasons.”


His teachings are drawn from his daily practice, observations and yogic texts. He shares these lessons because he enjoys being around relaxed, grounded, happy people and finds that students who practice regularly embody these qualities. Through a combination of asana, meditation and breathwork, he invites students to find freedom from pain and create comfortable personal space to live in joyfully.


Ronnie and his wife reside in Morgantown along with their two children and several other beautiful creatures. They like to travel, ride bikes, garden and cook. Ronnie also works odd jobs that allow him to be outdoors or around live music. He likes to think he could be a comedian but that hasn’t happened yet…



Daniel Bower
RYT 200

Born in the late 70s and raised in Lansdowne, PA (3 miles west of Philadelphia), Daniel moved to rural Berks County in 2001 to pursue a lifestyle of musical and meditative practice.


Discovering the inner connection to yoga early in life Daniel explains As long as I can remember Ive craved physical balance and spiritual growth. I practiced headstands & meditation long before I ever learned what yoga is. Somewhere

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Daniel Bower on right (2018)

around age 22 I got an instructional asana book and have been practicing ever since. The benefits have proven undeniably enriching.


In January 2010, Daniel attended a yogic lifestyle emersion in Hawaii at Konalani Yoga Ashram where he earned his 200-hour teaching certification.


What lies behind us and what lies before us are very tiny
compared to what lies within us.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Daniel, his wife and young son currently reside in bustling Phoenixville, PA. Daniel is a full-time musician. He is the music director for a Lutheran church and runs a recording studio. He performs regularly near and far in several bands including Frog Holler, Neo Trio and The Manatawny Creek Ramblers, providing vocals and playing drums, guitar, banjo & mandolin. He also plays for kids of all ages.



Darian Fiorenza
RYT 200

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Darian Fiorenza (2019)

Darian Fiorenza earned a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification from Power Yoga Works in Malvern where she also earned a specialized Power Vinyasa certification.


In addition to her yoga teacher training, Darian earned a bachelors degree in Psychology from West Chester University and is currently working toward a masters degree in mental health counselling and art therapy at Holy Family University in Philadelphia.


Darian credits her yoga practice for reducing anxiety and improving her overall mental well-being. After experiencing this transformation in herself, she was inspired to become a yoga teacher and share this gift with others. Darian explains, I have found yoga to be such a gift in my life and I wanted to be able to give that gift to others. I am the best version of myself when I practice and teach yoga.


I am the best version of myself when I practice and teach yoga. Darian Fiorenza


In her yoga classes, Darian promotes a calming and open environment where students are encouraged to have fun and feel free to ask questions. Having rehabilitated multiple knee injuries, Darian is no stranger to pain and how to modify your practice to honor the healing process.


When shes not studying or teaching yoga, Darian works as an art workshop assistant in Malvern. She also enjoys time with her family, friends and charming cat.


Mario Garcia
RYT 200

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Mario Garcia began practicing yoga as a teen

Mario Garcia is one of those rare and fortunate creatures who discovered yoga early in life. He began practicing while in high school where he first encountered teachers from Human Breathing. His early exposure to yoga helped set course for a lifetime of spirituality and helping others. Mario explains Yoga has allowed me to have first-hand experience of the latent potential for inner peace, which in turn has helped blossom the latent potential to empathize and feel compassion for all Beings.

After graduating high school, Mario moved to Puerto Rico to continue his education and be near his extended family, but he didnt leave yoga behind. He found a yoga studio in Puerto Rico where he continued his practice.


The whole world, in all ten directions, is One bright jewel. -Zen Master Dogen


In September of 2017 things took an unexpected turn when Hurricane Maria wreaked devastation in Puerto Rico. Mario was grateful that he and his loved ones were unharmed. After helping in the cleanup and recovery efforts immediately following the storm, Mario returned to Pennsylvania where he enrolled at West Chester University and would eventually earn his bachelors degree in Psychology.


Yoga remained a central part of Marios life and he yearned for the opportunity the deepen [his] practice and share it with others. In 2019 Mario earned his yoga teacher certification from the Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram in nearby Alsace, Pennsylvania. He also holds a Reiki I certification.


Mario now resides in Honey Brook with Lulu and Koko, two spry Mini Australian Shepherds who keep him on his feet. He also skateboards, listens to stand-up comedy and attends spiritual retreats, workshops and gatherings whenever possible. Starting this Fall, Mario will begin studies for his Masters in Psychology at West Chester University and work as a classroom aide at the Twin Valley Middle School.


Mario enjoys teaching gentle yoga and encouraging students to find joy and be compassionate toward themselves. You will often find him experimenting with new techniques because yoga, like life, is a journey.


Cait Gilmartin
RYT 200

Cait Gilmartin was born in California and raised in Point Pleasant, NJ. After graduating from Rutgers University, she moved to Texas where she earned her yoga teacher certification from Yoga Forte near Dallas. In 2017 Cait returned east to her current home in nearby Warwick, PA.


Cait is a full-time mental health professional and licensed social worker (LSW). She holds a masters degree in Social Work and is working toward her licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) status.


Cait currently works as a behavioral health therapist at Brandywine Hospital. She also sees clients in a private practice for outpatient therapy.


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Description automatically generatedCait Gilmartin (2019)

Cait is a firm believer in the scientifically proven mental health benefits of yoga. She explains I saw the benefit my own yoga practice had on my mental health early on. I am a huge advocate for mental health as I am a therapist and have been personally affected by a family member dying by suicide. I wanted to become a yoga teacher to help others not only connect with their bodies, but also improve their mental health through movement and meditation.


The sun is a daily reminder that we, too can rise again from the darkness
that we too can shine our own light.
-s. ajna


Cait enjoys teaching a variety of yoga styles, from vinyasa to yin yoga. She describes her teaching style as eclectic. With upbeat music playing in the background, Cait encourages students to explore on their mat with different modifications and movements to find what feels right in their body. Laughter and chatting are common in Caits classes.


Cait loves to travel. She has lived in Costa Rica and Turkey and travelled throughout Europe. Fortunately, shes engaged to a commercial airline pilot and the couple has made it their mission to visit all 50 states. When shes not travelling, Cait can be found hiking the trails in Warwick with her two dogs.


Leah Huganir
RYT 200

Born and raised in Chester county, Leah Huganir is a shining product of our beautiful slice of Pennsylvania.


When she started practicing yoga 6 years ago, Leah knew she found something special. Leah explains Yoga helped me better understand myself and other human beings. Her journey took her to studios and mentors throughout the Philadelphia area where she practiced and studied various techniques and styles of yoga.


Leah decided it was time to share yoga with as many humans as possible. In 2017 she earned her 200-hour certification from Evolve Yoga in Exton. She teaches strong Vinyasa (flow) yoga and has certifications in aerial yoga, meditation, restorative yoga, yoga for recovery, and yoga for traumatic brain injury.

A young girl is sitting in the grass

Description automatically generatedLeah Huganir (2018)


Leah finds her yoga training invaluable in helping navigate day to day life and work situations. She works full time for a local pharmaceutical company, and lives with her husband and young son who she calls the most fun, happy, awesome humans that I know!


For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable
only through love.
-Carl Sagan


In addition to teaching at Human Breathing, Leah teaches weekly classes at work, and volunteers as a yoga teacher for the Coatesville VA Medical Center, and for Love Your Brain, an organization that runs yoga workshops for people with traumatic brain injuries.


Leahs classes are physically powerful yet emotionally, mentally and spiritually gentle. Her positivity is genuine and infectious, the results of which can be seen in the sweaty grins of her students as they exit the studio.


You can follow Leah on Facebook at Leah Huganir Yoga RYT 200 and learn more about the Love Your Brain organization by visiting www.loveyourbrain.com.



Kayla Wallace
RYT 200

Kayla Wallace (2019)

Kayla Wallace was born and raised in neighboring Elverson. As an accomplished high school and college athlete, she found yoga to be an effective complement to her competitive sports training. Kayla explains “After a few knee surgeries yoga became the most gentle way for me to get physical exercise, yet left me feeling profoundly strong in body, mind and spirit.”


After graduating from college, Kayla travelled to Portsmouth, New Hampshire where she earned her yoga teacher certification from Barre & Soul yoga.


Kayla’s yoga classes are nurturing yet invigorating. She demonstrates genuine compassion for her students, encouraging them to explore, learn, grown and heal through their practice.


When she’s not at the studio, Kayla enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the beautiful outdoors by hiking, paddle boarding and bike riding.


“Yoga became the most gentle way for me to get physical exercise, yet left me feeling profoundly strong in body, mind and spirit. -Kayla Wallace


Jesi Yost
RYT 200

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Jesi Yost (2017)

Jesi began her yoga journey at the age of 14 when she and her mother took their first yoga class together. She was hooked. Jesi explains I have carried yoga in my heart and soul ever since. Yoga is part of my every breath.


She completed her 200-hour yoga certification at The Spirit of Yoga in Downingtown where she studied alongside Ronnie Coughenour who would eventually become owner of Human Breathing. They became fast friends and when Human Breathing opened its doors, Jesi was promptly recruited to become a teacher.


Jesis classes are fun and lighthearted. With a huge and generous spirit, she reminds students not to take life too seriously.


I have carried yoga in my heart and soul ever since [my first class].
Yoga is part of my every breath.
-Jesi Yost


Jesi lives in Shillington, PA with her husband and their adorable dog and cat. She is a full-time photographer whose work covering local events is regularly featured in newspapers. Jesi also skates for the Reading Derby Girls, a roller derby team that competes throughout the region.


You can connect with Jesi on Facebook by liking Second Star to the Right Yoga.