All Level Community Class: $10 Drop-in (HB Members Free--Stamp Class Card)
Created to provide affordable yoga while helping the community, this class is taught by a rotation of Human Breathing teachers. It is an excellent opportunity to get introduced to the benefits of yoga, see the studio and meet the teachers.

Yoga Basics:
If you have wanted to try yoga but are apprehensive about starting your practice, this is the class for you. If you already have a practice and enjoy a slower-paced, basics-focused class, this is the class for you.

All Level:
Since each class is a mixture of students with varied practices, each All Level class will be different as a result of that mixture. Our teachers are adept at leading a class that provides basic instruction for those with a beginner's mind while challenging students with an advanced practice.

All Level Challenge:
This Vinyasa class is a vigorous, fast-paced class which will make you sweat while following the Ashtanga Primary Series.

Come As You Are Gentle Yoga:
As the rigors of life catch up with us, we may find ourselves physically limited by injury or illness. The Gentle Yoga class is targeted to those who seek freedom from these limitations. Many find the gentle stretches and breathwork in this class are effective in creating that freedom.